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The leader in postoperative analgesia technology

Gemstar ® Advanced Infusion System


  • Unique cassette design with free flow protection
  • User selectable keypad lockout to prevent misuse
  • Confirmation screens that provide the opportunity for a safety check of programming entries before infusion begins
  • Therapy ranges and automatic dose calculations to help ensure dose accuracy


  • Microcomputer controlled motor-driven piston technology
  • Detects flow rate every minute
  • (0.1ml/hr~ 999.9ml/hr) Individualized flow rate setting (0.1ml/hr ~ 999.9ml/hr)


  • Small, lightweight design fit for infusion of ambulatory patients or patients lying in bed
  • AA disposable batteries to facilitate ambulatory use
  • Ideal operating interface that facilitates ease of use
  • Seven modes of therapy that allow for all clinical infusions

Gemstar® PCA pump set

  • Integrated pressure-driven anti-siphon valve
  • Flow protection design - cassette automatically shuts down when disconnected from the pump, stopping infusion
  • Anti-high-pressure IV set design that reduces infusion interruption caused by movement of the IV set
  • A length of 279cm that fully meets clinical needs

The leader in postoperative analgesia technology

Pain management mode

  • For intravenous and epidural administration
  • Three modes of administration
    • Continuous
    • Bolus
    • Continuous and bolus

Seven modes of therapy

1. Pain Management
Three modes: continuous, bolus, continuous and bolus

2. TPN
An infusion rate that gradual tapers up, evens out, and tapers down. Also has , Keep Vein Open (KVO) options

3. Intermittent
Set volume over time at regular intervals

4. Continuous
Selectable dose units with piggybacking;

5. Weight Dosed
With multiple built-in units and dose settings;

6. Ml/hr Only

7. Variable Time
During an infusion, the pre-set percentages, rates or doses can be adjusted